Saving the Berwick paintings

The Bloomsbury paintings at Berwick, all painted on war-time plasterboard panels, are now in urgent need of conservation if they are not to deteriorate beyond recognition.

Our Saving Berwick project will:

  • Conserve the paintings, ensuring this national treasure is protected in the very long-term
  • Adapt and improve the church to provide a fit-for-purpose environment for the paintings and for people
  • Provide new interpretation of these unique works of art for our visitors – both in the church and online
  • Develop the church’s vision of providing support to those in need, through offering solace and respite in this peaceful and inspiring place
  • Run new artistic, educational and creative projects available for all, with our local partners
  • Establish an endowment – 10% of our campaign target – to support ongoing maintenance and activities

We have been successful in raising over £200,000 in match-funding  and have secured support from the National Lottery Heritage Fund but there is still much to do to ensure the long  term future of this remarkable church.


Mural deterioration plate berwick church conservation
Vanessa Bell’s “Nativity” showing signs of paint loss