Church is closed: Wednesday 10th July: 10.30 - 13.30
The Environment

Eco Church

The churchyard is under a conservation management plan to enhance the diversity of wildlife and contains species typical of the surrounding chalk landscape. Swift nest boxes have been installed behind the louvres in the tower and you may hear a recording of their call which is played to attract them. Owl nest boxes have been put up in the churchyard. We have a compost toilet in the churchyard, log piles and a compost heap.

The underfloor heating system in the church, which is essential to the long-term conservation of the paintings, is sustainably powered by ground source heating (there are four boreholes each of 150 m/492 ft depth in the field north of the church). The roof has been insulated and LED lighting has been installed to reduce energy consumption. The electricity is supplied by 100% renewable sources.

We are committed to fair trade and reducing our plastic.