Fergus Davidson

During the capital works, as part of the careful removal of the ledger stones to enable the installation of the underfloor heating, unfortunately one of the stones was damaged. With Thomas Sargeant, Letter Cutter & Stone Carver already involved in the project we approached him for help. Thomas has worked with previous masters Christopher Elsey and Geoffrey Aldred at The Stone Carving and Lettering Studio in East Sussex where he met Fergus Davidson. 

Fergus has been working to transform his passion for letter carving from a part-time hobby to a full-time job and received support from the Lettering Arts Trust last year to undertake a Journeyman Placement with master letter carver Chris Elsey. The Placement effectively provides bespoke training for experienced, committed letter carvers who want to focus on a specific area of their craft giving them the confidence to become fully self-employed. 

With his apprenticeship complete and having seen the damaged ledger, Fergus was delighted to take on the challenge of replacing the stone. The ledger, utilising Abergavenny slate, has now been installed and is a sympathetic replacement.​