The Waves at Berwick Church: 90th Anniversary Performance

In celebration of 90 years since the publication of Virginia Woolf’s most poetic work ‘The Waves’, a digital performance has been created combining music, from Brighton Philharmonic Orchestra, withwords and art.

The performance, which forms part of the Charleston Festival Edit, was filmed at Berwick Church, drawing inspiration from the Bloomsbury murals which reflect on the grief felt by the death of Vanessa Bell’s son, Julian Bell, that the family were processing at the time.

In dialogue with the intimate space of the church, this moving performance creates a meditation on the power of human connection, the pain of those lost and the transcendent joy and comfort of friendship. To learn more about the performance or to buy a digital ticket to watch the performance online, please visit

Going forward we hope to be able to use elements of the performance with groups and visitors to the church, enabling us to explore themes of grief and loss.