Poet In Residence

We are delighted to announce Kevin Scully will be working with Berwick Church as Poet in Residence for the next 12 months delivering a range of workshops and talks. 

Kevin  is a published and produced writer in a range of work.  His poetry has been published in Theology, online platforms including Second Chance Lit and the ironically titled  Saccharine Poetry and a number of now mostly defunct small journals. A poem is in Poems In Praise of Libraries curated by SIMS Poetry Library, Los Angeles.

His early poetic work was overtaken by journalism and playwriting. He has published eight non-fiction books (mostly religious) and two novels. Kevin was longlisted for the single poem competition run by Live Canon in 2017.

Kevin’s poetry takes a range of forms from the traditional to looser structures. His work often steps into the shadows of spirituality and religion. He also casts an eye backwards, evoking memory but not for nostalgia. The light of the southern hemisphere often illuminates his writing. His work has been praised for its ‘exemplary craft’ and for taking mundane scenes to surprising places.

Kevin is on the organising committee of the Tunbridge Wells Poetry Festival and a member of the Kent and Sussex Poetry Society.

He is a priest in the Church of England.


Twitter: @revkevwrites