New Commissions 2019 – 2020

‘Reredos’ by Julian Bell.

Julian Bell, son of Quentin Bell and grandson of Vanessa Bell, has been commissioned to decorate the reredos (the stone niches) behind the altar. This feature was designed by Henry Woodyer as part of the Victorian restoration of the church in 1856. Julian’s design responds to an existing sculpture by David Hansel in the central niche of the reredos. The commission uniquely addresses the relationship between sculpture and painting in an important focal point in the church. 

‘Sun dials’ by Thomas Sargeant

Thomas Sargeant is a letter cutter and memorial artist. He will be artist in residence in the autumn of 2020 and during that period will make seven sun-dials for the seven churches on the newly devised Cuckmere Pilgrim Path. These are inspired by the medieval ‘scratch dials’ which are found on the exterior stones of some of the churches on this route. Thomas was recipient of an apprenticeship grant from ‘The Lettering and Commemorative Arts Trust’ and he will be promoting the Trust and the importance of memorials in response to bereavement.

A number of small commissions have been undertaken over the past decade.

 ‘Crucifix’ by David Hansel 2014

A crucifix to replace one which was stolen from the same position was commissioned by David Hansel. The project took a year to come to fruition

Bird bath by Sarah Walton

Sarah Walton is a local ceramicist working nearby at Alciston. Her work is inspired by the local landscape and by church fonts. The bird bath is on loan.

Chasuble by Lucy Goffin 2013

A green chasuble by local textile artist, Lucy Goffin, was commissioned in 2013.

‘Family’ a sculpture by Christian Furner

The limestone sculpture of a family group by Christian Furner was inspired by the birth of a grand-child and was originally on loan to the church for display. It was subsequently purchased by a donor so that it could remain in situ.

‘Burning Bush’ a votive candle stand by Christopher Funnell 2003

Local artist Christopher Funnell was commissioned to make a votive candle stand modelled on the wind-sculpted hawthorn bushes characteristically found on the Downs.